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By May 5, 2017Podcast

Big news: We’re making a podcast! We, being myself and the brilliant Cait. Although the first time we meet will be when we make this podcast happen and that makes it all the more exciting, right? (I have FaceTimed her to make sure she isn’t a catfish).

Giving up dieting is hard.
Making peace with exercise is hard.
Accepting your body? Well, that’s the hardest part.

And unfortunately, even though body acceptance is the hardest part of rejecting diet culture, it´s also the most crucial. You will never fully be able to have an intuitive relationship with food and movement unless you can learn to accept your body, no matter how it looks.

But society doesn’t make Body Positivity or even Body Neutrality easy and everyone’s experience is different. ‘We cannot be what we cannot see’ and if we don’t hear stories of women* like us accepting their bodies- it makes it harder to do it ourselves. Equally, when we learn of different experiences and understand the challenges and difficulties of others, we become better allies to each other. Although privilege does not negate pain, we acknowledge the immense privilege we have in this realm as thin, white, able-bodied, cis-gendered women and also that the Body Positivity movement was originally started as Fat Activism and has since been appropriated by women of diverse bodies, but we believe through learning about various struggles and challenges we become a more united front in the fight against fatphobia, body oppression and cultural expectations of all women´s bodies.

And that is why we want to create an accessible resource for all women to learn about Body Positivity, its origins, how different women practice it and how we can be better allies to each other. We’re ready to learn: we want to hear your stories!

And so, what is your relationship to your body? How has it changed over time? What does Body Positivity mean to you? What would you like to see more of in the Body Positive community? How do you think women can be better Body Positive allies to each other?

If you would like to share your story with us, please send an email to: aliceandcaitpodcast@gmail.com

We have no idea what form this podcast will take but all we know is that we want to meet with women and learn from them. We will be doing recordings in London and Bristol from July onwards.
*Where ‘women’ / ‘woman’ is used we refer to anyone who identifies as a woman

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